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Jinzhou Bett Chemical Co., Ltd., founded in 2011, is a fast growing enterprise specializing in development and production of high quality lubricant additives. 

Mr Guan Jian-ping, Chairman of Jinzhou Bett, has committed to the R&D of lubricant additives for more than 20 years. As his devotion in this industry for so long time, rich experience has been collected and many different kinds of lubricant additive products have been developed under his correct leadership.

Jinzhou Bett Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Jinzhou, the main collecting and distributing center of lubricant additives of China. Relying on this unique geographical advantage, as well as the long term cooperation with many research institutes and universities, the company steadily strengthens its efforts to the product development and quality inspection. Today, a comprehensive R&D lab has been built in Bett, with many advanced inspection facilities installed. Meanwhile, a network providing reliable quality raw materials has been established, with the help of advanced production management system, Bett can provide the customers all over the world with high and stable quality lubricant additive products quickly and professionally.

Today, Products like engine oil additive, dual-fuel additive, gear oil additive, hydraulic oil additive, and other lubricant additives produced by Bett have gained wide approvals from customers since being put on the market, and the product quality is equal to that of the same kind product in foreign countries.

"Base on market, excavate potential demand of customers, provide high quality lubricant additive, professional technical support and service for customs", is the creed of Bett. We will keep on developing and producing high and stable quality lubricant additive products, so as to achieve the win-win goals with our respected customers.

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