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Jinan Technical workshop of BETT Chemical on 3rd Jul 2017

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2017-07-03 Jinzhou BETT Chemical Co., Ltd.

On June 17, 2017, the "Jinzhou BETT Technology Exchange Seminar on the theme of "Experience thoroughly tempered,, we make high quality Chinese lub oil togetherl" was held ceremoniously in Jinan, Shandong Province. Representatives from more than 50 oil production enterprises in Shandong were invited to attend the meeting.

Mr. Guan Jianping, head of Jinzhou BETT Chemical Co., addressed the meeting and introduced the company's development and positioning in detail to the participants.

Mr. He Tong who specialized in engine oil additive research shared lab test and engine field test data of the diesel oil additive package, made a wonderful speech. About the compound in the cleanliness, oxidation resistance, abrasion resistance and other aspects of the excellent practical data analysis, to the participants made a wonderful sharing.

Mr. Shi Jian reported the characteristics and applications of gear oil and hydraulic oil additive package and demonstrated the technical advantages of BETT Chemical through a large amount of data.



Mr. Wang Chao focused on the longevity of turbine oil and screw compressor oil additive package, give an overview of the complex application for this two kinds of additive package with the popular technology, easy to understand method for everyone.

In the afternoon, Ms. Gao Jin gave a wonderful speech on the differences and quality control of different additives.

At the exchange meeting, Mr. Guan Jianping, head of BETT Chemical Technology Group, shared experiences and common problems with different formulations. At the same time, everyone had a lively discussion. The meeting not only exchanged technical questions on lubricants, but also deepened the mutual understanding between the organizers and manufacturing enterprises.

Through this technology exchange meeting, BETT Chemical Partners become full of confidence in BETT Chemical.

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