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Technical Seminar in Dalian of BETT Chemical on 24th March 2017

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On March 24, 2017, Jinzhou BETT Chemical Technology Seminar with the theme of "Having Been Tempered and Doing China's Good Oil" was grandly held in Dalian, Liaoning. More than 50 oil production enterprises from all over the country were invited to attend the conference.

Mr. Guan Jianping, founder of BETT Chemical. gave a opening speech and briefed the participants on the company's development and positioning in detail. Mr. He Tong specialist of engine oil additive combined with his own experience on the "driving experimental data" made a wonderful topic. BETT Chemical has accumulated a wealth of test data of different additives and will continue to do driving experiment. Mr. Shi Jian, reported the development trend of hydraulic oil, gear oil and their additive package. A large number of experimental data show the technical advantages of BETTr Chemical. In the afternoon, Mr. Gao Jin, who is in charge of research and development of marine oil additive pacakge, trained on the topic of "Separation of Water and Demulsification of Medium Speed ​​Tubular Oil". Wang Chao focused on the turbo-engine oil, screw compressos additive package test methods, with professional technology, easy to understand for everyone to popularize the study of these two complex agents.

At the exchange meeting, Mr. Guan Jianping, the leader of BETT Chemical Technology Group, held a practical sharing on "Problems and Solutions Frequently Occurring During Running of Vehicles". At the same time, everyone also held heated discussions. This meeting not only exchanged the lubricating oil technology and application, but also deepened the mutual understanding and friendship between the organizer and various manufacturing enterprises. 

At the dinner party, many representatives continued their discussions with interest. Through this seminar, Baxter Chemical partners are more confident about product development.

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