Everything you need to know about us

BETTCHEM develops and manufactures additive packages for the lubricants industry, ensuring protection, durability, and fuel economy. Please continue reading to learn more about BETTCHEM.


Whom we serve

The company caters to a wide variety of customer needs in the lubricants industry and markets automotive, marine, driveline, and industrial packages, as well as detergents, dispersants, ZDDP, and anti-oxidants worldwide.

Our core values

Our core values include reliability, passion, and innovation, taking into account ethical conduct and safety based on respect and teamwork.


“ A Team rich in experience and expertise”

“ A Team rich in experience and expertise”

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Vast knowledge & experience

BETTCHEM leadership team has rich experience and expertise in the additives and lubricants industry and is fully committed to making a difference through their robust strategy to achieve future goals of the company.

If you want to get more details about our lubricating oil additives and other products, please connect with us.